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1 What fruit features in front of a mans face in the Magritte painting “Le Fils de L’homme”? Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum
2 What is featured in Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”? People, Clocks, Badgers, Men
3 What is the first name of “A Bigger Splash” artist Mr. Hockney? Damien, Drew, Daniel, David
4 What is the first name of Superalist artist Close? Buck, Duck, Muck, Chuck
5 What is the first name of the American Flag painter Mr Johns? Jerry, Jasper, Jeremy, Julie
6 What is the first name of the painter (1898-1967) Magritte? Pablo, David, Georges, Rene
7 In which year did Charles Rennie Mackintosh die? 1928, 1938, 1918, 1948
8 What is the middle name of Pablo Picasso? Sandro, Leonardo, Ruiz, David
9 What is the name for a water colour using opaque paint? Fresco, Gouache, Cire Perdue, Chiaroscuro
10 What is the name given to a work with fine dots as its main characteristic? Pointillism, Dadism, Fauvism, Surrealism
11 What is the term given to a well decoration that has its design scratched through the plaster layer? Cire Perdue, Fresco, Sgraffito, Chiaroscuro
12 What letters were added to the Mona Lisa in Duchamp’s famous “Moustache” version? LHOOQ, LHOQQ, HOQLL, LOOQH
13 What name is given to the stick artists use to rest their brush hand when painting? Daulstick, Fallstick, Maulstick, Ballstick
14 What nationality is the painter Helen Frankenthaler? French, Austrian, American, German
15 What nationality was Georges Braque? French, Spanish, Italian, English
16 What nationality was Naum Gabo? English, Russian, French, American
17 What nationality was Pablo Picasso? Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian
18 What nationality was painter Eileen Agar? French, Russian, German, Argentinian
19 What nationality was painter Niccolo Dell Abbate? French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish
20 What nationality was painter Paul Delvaux? Belgian, Italian, French, Dutch