1 What is the correct title of a 2008 Flo Rida No.1? High, Up, Low, Down Low
2 What is the first name of Miss Bedingfield who had a 2006 hit with “Unwritten”? Natasha, Nadine, Nicole, Nigella Natasha
3 What is the first name of Miss Scherzinger, lead singer with Pussycat Dolls? Nicole, Nicola, Nancy, Nigella Nicole
4 What is the geographical first name of the lead singer of Weezer? Streams, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes Rivers
5 What is the middle initial of Mary Blige? J, L, B, G J
6 What kind of “Escape” did Gwen Stefani have in 2007? Near, Close, Sweet, Sugar Sweet
7 What kind of drink did Kelis sing about in 2004? Cherry Cola, Milkshake, Soda Pop, Beer Milkshake
8 What kind of shop did 50 Cent rap about in 2005? Music Shop, Garage, Candy Shop, Sweet Shop Candy Shop
9 What musical note features in the title of an album by Alicia Keys? F Sharp, D Minor, A Minor, C Major A Minor
10 What name features in the title of a 2006 album by The Killers? Sam, Dave, Dan, Sid Sam
11 What was “Slow” in the title of Juvenile’s 2004 No.1 hit? Jamz, Motion, Love, Beatz Motion
12 What was Lady Gaga’s first No.1 hit? Telephone, Just Dance, Bad Romance, Poker Face Just Dance
13 What was the name of Lady Gaga’s debut album? The Dame, The Name, The Fame, The Game The Fame
14 Whatcha Say was a No.1 in 2009 for which artist? Jay Z, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Jason De Rulo Jason De Rulo
15 When the World Comes Down is the third album by which band? Greenday, Kings of Leon, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects All American Rejects
16 Which band had a 2000 hit with “Never Let You Go”? Coldplay, Third Eye Blind, The Killers, Kings of Leon Third Eye Blind
17 Which band had a 2004 hit with “Here Without You”? 3 Doors Down, The Killers, Maroon 5, Third Eye Blind 3 Doors Down
18 Which band had a 2004 hit with “She Will Be Loved”? Los Lonely Boys, The Killers, Maroon 5, Creed Maroon 5
19 Which band had a 2005 hit with the anthemic track “Best of You”? Greenday, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Sum 41 Foo Fighters
20 Which band had a 2006 hit with “Sugar, We’re Going Down”? Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, Greenday, The Killers Fall Out Boy