1 What kind of “Shake” did a Baauer song inspire in 2013? Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Harlem Harlem
2 What kind of “Trip” is mentioned in the title of a J Cole hit in 2013? Power, My, Our Time, Day Power
3 What kind of “Wheel” featured in the title of a 2013 hit from Darius Rucker? Wagon, Truck, Broken, Round Wagon
4 What kind of love did Edward Maya sing about in 2011? Stereo Love, Radio Love, Sound Love, Waves Love Stereo Love
5 What kind of love did Pitbull have a hit with in 2012? International, World, American, Global International
6 What kind of weapon did Bruno Mars sing about in 2011? Knife, Rifle, Sword, Grenade Grenade
7 What month did Taylor Swift go “Back to” in 2011? September, December, November, October December
8 What nationality are Daft Punk? Italian, French, Spanish, Swiss French
9 What nationality is Adele? English, American, Scottish, Australian English
10 What nationality is pop singer Jessie J? English, Irish, Australian, American English
11 What nationality is the singer Sara Bareilles? English, Australian, American, Canadian American
12 What night of the week did Katy Perry have a hit with in 2011? Saturday, Friday, Monday, Sunday Friday
13 What number formed the title of a 2013 Taylor Swift hit? 22, 2, 12, 21 22
14 What organ featured in the name of a hit in 2013 for Demi Lovato? Brain, Liver, Lungs, Heart Heart
15 What pastime featured in the name of a 2012 Jessie J hit? Domino, Monopoly, Cards, Poker Domino
16 What position did Imagine Dragons reach on the Us Chart with “RadioActive”? 20, 5, 1, 10 1
17 What question did Rihanna ask in the title of a single in 2012? Where Have You Been?, Where Are You?, Who dat?, Who Are You? Where Have You Been?
18 What snaked features in the name of the group who had a hit in 2011 with “You Make Me Feel”? Adder, Cobra, Python, Mamba Cobra
19 What sport featured in the video for Maroon 5’s “One More Night”? Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Football Boxing
20 What surname is shared by Kimberley, Neil and Reid and formed part of the name of their band? Jones, Clark, Gaga, Perry Perry