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1 What is the first name of 20th century American artist Mr Koons? David, Jeff, Paul Klee, Henry
2 What is the first name of Mr.Wood who painted American Gothic? Grant, Mark, France, David
3 What is the first name of Rothko (1903-1970)? Gustav, Paul, Martin, Mark
4 What kind of painter was Umberto Boccioni? Futurist, Mannerist, Abstract, Cubist
5 What medium did Charles Mackintosh use for his work the Wassail? Chalk, Oil, Pastels, Watercolour
6 What movement did Andre Derain belong to? Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism
7 What movement did Arthur Rackham belong to? Mannerism, Art Nouveu, Abstract, Fauvism
8 What movement did Georges Braque belong to? Cubism, Futurism, Fauvism, Abstract Expressionism
9 What name did Kurt Schwitter give this unique style of collage? Kerzbil, Nerzbild, Merzbild, Lerzbild
10 What nationality was Max Beckman? French, Dutch, Italian, German
11 What nationality was prominent artist Martin Kippenberger? Italian, Dutch, German, French
12 What nationality is the artist Jenny Holzer? Dutch, French, English, American
13 What nationality was Arthur Rackham? English, Irish, Canadian, American
14 What nationality was artist Henri Matisse? Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian
15 What nationality was painter Edward Hopper? Canadian, American, English, French
16 What nationality was painter Jim Dine? Italian, English, American, French
17 What nationality was painter Max Ernst? Italian, Dutch, German, French
18 What nationality was Paula Modersohon Becker? Spanish, German, Dutch, French
19 What nationality was the painter Pablo Picasso? Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French
20 What nationality was Yves Klein? Israeli, French, Dutch, Germany