1 Tiger Woods’s mother hails from which country? Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia Thailand
2 As of 2011 how many different golf courses were eligble and able to host the British Open Golf Championship? 13, 9, 7, 11 9
3 Which of these won 5 post-war British Open Golf Championships? Peter Allis, Peter Thomson, Peter May, Peter Love Peter Thomson
4 In which country was golf legend Seve Ballesteros born? Iraq, Spain, Hungary, Italy Spain
5 What do golfers drive the ball off? The coffee, The juice, The soda, The tee The tee
6 What is the actual name of “Monty”, the golfing fan favorite who captained Europe’s Ryder Cup team in 2010? Billy Montford, Colin Montgomerie, Reginald Montague, Tony Montjuic Colin Montgomerie
7 If you messed up your first tee shot in a fun round of golf, you might be allowed a … what? O’Malley, O’Reilly, Finnegan, Mulligan Mulligan
8 In 1971, Alan Shepard struck a golf ball for “miles and miles and miles”. Where? In the Grand Canyon, On the Moon, On top of the White House, At Augusta National On the Moon
9 Who did Australian golfer Greg Norman marry in 2008? Gabriela Sabatini, Steffi Graf, Tracy Austin, Chris Evert Chris Evert
10 What is the par for a short hole in tournament golf? 2, 3, 4, 5 3
11 How many rounds are there in golf’s US Open? 3, 4, 1, 2 4
12 In addition to the prize money, what is presented to the winner of The Masters golf tournament? Green jacket, Tartan trousers, Yellow jersey, Sequined glove Green jacket
13 What is the name for the 11th to 13th holes of Augusta National golf course? Pooh Corner, Giles Corner, Amen Corner, Speaker’s Corner Amen Corner
14 What was the first name of the great US golfer Palmer? George, Charles, Arnold, John Arnold
15 Where is the US Masters golf tournament held every year? Spungiol, Brookline, Turnberry, Augusta Augusta
16 What name describes two shots under par on a golf hole? Eagle, Hawk, Parrot, Falcon Eagle
17 How often does golf’s Ryder Cup take place? Every 5 years, Every 10 years, Every 4 years, Every 2 years Every 2 years
18 What would a golfer want to drive onto from the tee? Freeway, Fairway, Driveway, Highway Fairway
19 Who was the only non-American to win golf’s Masters in the 60s? Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player Gary Player
20 Which US Open golf winner was killed in a plane crash in 1999? Dane Stewart, Wayne Stewart, Payne Stewart, Blaine Stewart Payne Stewart