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1 Which planet is sixth closest to the Sun? Venus, Saturn, Earth, Mars
2 Which planet is the hottest in the Solar System? Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter
3 Which planet is the second largest planet in the Solar System? Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn
4 Which planet is the smallest in the solar system? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth
5 Which planet is the smallest of the “Gas giants”? Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
6 Which planet is third closest to the Sun? Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn
7 Which planet lies closest to the Kuiper belt? Mars, Neptune, Venus, Earth
8 Which planet possess a ring entitled Egalite 1? Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus
9 Which planet takes 164 earth years to orbit the Sun? Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn
10 Which planet takes 29 Earth years to orbit the Sun? Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn
11 Which planet takes 365 days to orbit the sun? Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus
12 Which planet takes 84 earth years to orbit the Sun? Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn
13 Which planet takes around 668 days to orbit the Sun? Mars, Mercury, Earth, Venus
14 Which planet was originally intended to be named Sidus? Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus
15 Which planet was the first founded by mathematical prediction? Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn
16 Which planet was visited by MESSENGER in 2004? Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus
17 Which planet is orbited by the moon of Proteus? Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter
18 Which was the first planet to be discovered with the use of a telescope? Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn
19 William Herschel discovered which planet? Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
20 Xena was the informal name originally used for which body? Ceres, Pluto, Make make, Eris