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1 What is the name of Don Quixote’s horse (in ballet)? Rosinante, Panza, Napoleon, Marengo
2 Which three-letter name is given to a school of ballet in Vancouver? Foh, Gah, Boh, Goh
3 The Gateway position involves the what being held in front of the body (in ballet)? Head, Legs, Arms, Toes
4 Labanotation ? a system of ballet notation ? was invented by which of these men (in ballet)? Rudolf von Laban, William Forsythe, Paul Dukas, Igor Stravinsky
5 What term is used for a fault in which the dancer turns his foot in from the ankle (in ballet)? Neuf, Faux, Sickling, Sissonne
6 What does ?releve? denote (in ballet)? Lowered, Raised, Front, Sideways
7 What does ?ecarte? denote (in ballet)? Facing the side, Facing the corner, Facing the roof, Facing the audience
8 Lebedinoye ozero is the Russian name for which ballet? Swan Lake, Coppelia, La Sylphide, The Nutcracker
9 The ballet Swan Lake was fashioned from folk tales of which country? Italy, Russia, Greece, England
10 Who choreographed the original production of Swan Lake? Andrew Lloyd Webber, George Balanchine, Marius Petipa, Julius Reisinger
11 Swan Lake premiered in which month of 1877? January, February, April, March
12 At which theatre did Swan Lake premiere? Malyi, Mikhailovski, Novosibirsk, Bolshoi
13 The Russian folk tale The White Duck heavily influenced which major ballet? Coppelia, Swan Lake, Giselle, The Nutcracker
14 What nationality was choreographer Julius Reisinger? German, Russian, Austrian, Czech
15 Name the dancer renowned for his daring ability who died in 1950 (in ballet)? Anna Pavlova, Sergei Diaghilev, Vaslav Nijinsky, Rudolf Nureyev
16 What did dancer Rudolf Nureyev die of in 1993? AIDS, Heart attack, Cancer, Tuberculosis
17 What is the French word for ?four?, used commonly in ballet? Cinq, Seize, Quatre, Un
18 In which French city was Marius Petipa born (in ballet)? Nice, Paris, Marseilles, Lyon
19 Doch Faraona is the Russian title of which ballet? The Pharaoh’s Daughter, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake
20 Who composed the music for The Pharaoh’s Daughter (in ballet)? Igor Stravinsky, Cesare Pugni, Carolina Rosati, Paul Dukas