1 Harry Webb is the real name of…? Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison, Ritchie Valens, Cliff Richard Cliff Richard
2 Harvey Fuqua and Bobby Lester were members of which group? The Moonglows, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Flamingos The Moonglows
3 Have Guitar Will Travel was a notable album release by whom? Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Bo Diddley Bo Diddley
4 Henry Byrd was better known by which name? Professor Longhair, Professor Short Hair, Professor Danger, Professor Short Back and Sides Professor Longhair
5 Herb Reed and Zola Taylor were member of which 1950s band? The Platters, The Cadillacs, The Clovers, The Dominoes The Platters
6 Herbie Cox was the lead singer with which band? The Del Vikings, The Penguins, The Clowns, The Cleftones The Cleftones
7 Hey Senorita was a breakthrough track for which group? The Penguins, The Cadillacs, The Del Vikings, The Clowns The Penguins
8 High School Confidential was a hit penned by whom? Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Ward, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley Jerry Lee Lewis
9 How many “Steps” are there to Heaven according to a Eddie Cochran song? 4, 1, 2, 3 3
10 How many miles of “Bad Road” feature in the title of a Duane Eddy song? 70, 60, 40, 50 40
11 How many weeks was Paitt Page at No.1 with “Tennessee Waltz”? 4, 26, 13, 8 13
12 How old was Eddie Cochran when he died? 51, 21, 41, 31 21
13 How old was Sam Cooke at the time of his assassination? 33, 44, 22, 55 33
14 How was Ella Otha Bates better known? Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Bo Diddley Bo Diddley
15 How was Jay Hawkins better known? Dancing, Screaming, Shouting, Singing Screaming
16 How was Levern Baker often billed? Little Miss Sharecropper, Little Miss Urban, Little Miss Rural Girl, Little Miss Farmer Little Miss Sharecropper
17 How was Lloyd Price better known? Mr Fun, Mr Personality, Mr Danger, Mr Happy Times Mr Personality
18 Huey Smith had what “middle” name? Music, Drums, Guitar, Piano Piano
19 I Put a Spell on You was a 1956 hit for whom? Jay Hawkins, Otis Williams, Jack Scott, Duane Eddy Jay Hawkins
20 In 1953 Elvis walked into the offices of which record label who noted “Good Ballad Singer. Hold”? Rain, Cloud, Sun, Moon Sun