1 Often cited as the worlds first airline, spot the correct name of the German company who achieved this? DELAG, MELAG, SELAG, PELAG DELAG
2 Olympic Airlines are the national airline of which nation? America, Italy, Greece, UK Greece
3 On the American Airlines logo, the two A’s are red and …? Blue, White, Green, Black Blue
4 On which continent would you find SAS airlines? North America, Africa, Europe, Asia Europe
5 OUR Airline is based where? Nauru, Mongolia, Chad, Nepal Nauru
6 Outside of the US, in terms of passenger numbers, what is the biggest airline in the World? China Southern, Lufthansa, Ryan Air, Air China China Southern
7 PAI is the nation airline of where? Portugal, India, Japan, Pakistan Pakistan
8 Pan-Am is an airline based in which country? Canada, Australia, France, America America
9 Paul McGuiness was one of the founders of which airline? BA, Emirates, Quantas, Emirates Quantas
10 Pearson Airport lies in which city? Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa Toronto
11 PEK is the international airport code for which airport? Rome, London Heathrow, Beijing International, Shanghai Pudong Beijing International
12 Peshawar airport is located in which Asian country? Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indiana, Japan Pakistan
13 Pinnacle Airlines are based in which country? Germany, UK, Canada, USA USA
14 Pochentong airport is a popular destination in which country? Thailand, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos Cambodia
15 Polonia airport can be found in which Asian country? China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore Indonesia
16 Port Harcourt Airport can be found in which African country? South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali Nigeria
17 Portland Airport is found in which Us State capital? Bismarck, Charlotte, Maine, Albany Maine
18 Princess Beatriz airport is located where? Sumatra, Java, Aruba, Borneo Aruba
19 Provence Airport is based in which French city? Paris, Marsielle, Lyon, Toulouse Marsielle
20 Pudong airport can be found in which Asian city? Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul Shanghai