1 Egptian Priests labelled which planet “Her Desher”? Venus, Mercury, Mars, Earth Mars
2 Encleadus is a moon of which planet? Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune Saturn
3 Epoch J2000 refers to which planet? Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus Saturn
4 ESA shuttles have found over 1000 volcanoes on which planet since 2006? Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus Venus
5 Europa is a major moon orbiting which planet? Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Jupiter
6 Fraternite is a ring around which planet? Mars, Neptune, Venus, Earth Neptune
7 Galileo first observed the rings of which planet in 1610? Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Saturn
8 Galileo was the first to discover which planet in the 17th Century? Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn Mercury
9 Ganymede is a moon which orbits which planet? Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter Jupiter
10 Hematite makes up the surface of which planet? Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury Mars
11 Herse and Kale are moons of which planet? Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn Jupiter
12 Hesperia Planum is a period of which planets history? Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus Mars
13 Himilia moons can be found orbiting which planet? Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn Jupiter
14 How high is Olympus Mons? 210km, 12km, 21km, 2km 21km
15 How long does it take for Venus to rotate once on its axis (in earth days)? 324, 124, 224, 24 224
16 How long does light from the sun take to reach earth? 80 minutes, 1 minute, 8 minutes, 8000 minutes 8 minutes
17 How many “rings” does Jupiter have? 4, 3, 1, 2 2
18 How many artificial satellites orbited the Earth as of 2011? 665, 13, 931, 93 931
19 How many AU’s is Uranus away from the Sun? 10, 20, 30, 2 30
20 How many continuous rings does Saturn have? 11, 9, 17, 5 9