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1 Georges Braque passed away in which year? 1963, 1933, 1993, 1903
2 Giacomo Bella’s “Abstract Speed + Sound” used what style of art? Pop Art, Futurism, Mannerism, Orphism
3 Giorgio De Chirico was born in which country? Italy, Spain, Chile, Greece
4 Grant Wood was born in which US State? Washington, Idaho, New York, Iowa
5 Guernica is a 1937 work by which artist? Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet
6 Guillaume Apollinaire coined what term in 1912? Orphism, Pop Art, Mannerism, Futurism
7 Gustav Klimt painted which of these works? Daphne Floege, Emilie Floege, Julianne Floege, Henritta Floege
8 Guy Laramee creates art out of carving what? Books, Trees, Wood, Ice
9 Henri Matisse belonged to which school of art? Cubist, Fauvist, Futurist, Abstract
10 Henri Matisse died in which year? 1994, 1974, 1934, 1954
11 Hermann Nitsch was born in which country? Germany, Austria, France, Russia
12 How many humans are featured on Matisse’s The Dance? 5, 7, 1, 9
13 How many people are featured in Grant Woods American Gothic? 2, 5, 1, 0
14 How many Umbrellas featured in the title of a famous Raoul Duffy work? 33, 6, 3, 13
15 How much did Jeff Koons Ballon Dog (Orange) sell for in a 2013 auction? $4 million, $88.3 million, $32 million, $58.4 million
16 How old was Henri Matisse when he died? 104, 34, 84, 54
17 How old was Roy Lichtenstein at the times of his death? 73, 63, 43, 83
18 How was Edwin Parker Twombly better known in the art world? GY, YC, YG, CY
19 Human/Need/Desire (1983) is a notable work by whom? Kazimir Malevich, Bruce Nauman, Donald Judd, Egon Schiele
20 IKB 191 is a key 1962 work by whom? Jeff Koons, Yves Klein, Jean-Michel Basquait, Roy Lichtenstein