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1 Which is the correct title of the 2002 Vanessa Carlton hit…. A Hundred Miles, A Million Miles, Ten Miles, A Thousand Miles
2 Which is the correct title of the 2004 Dido hit… Red Flag, Black Flag, White Flag, Blue Flag
3 Which is the only Avril Lavigne song to have reached No.1 in the US Billboard Chart? Girlfriend, My Happy Ending, Nobodys Home, Complicated
4 Which Kevin had a No.4 hit with “Turn Me On” in 2004? Larkin, Lyttle, Light, Los Lios
5 Which legendary singer released “Desert Rose” in 2000? Rod Stewart, George Michael, Sting, Elton John
6 Which male popstar featured in the 2006 hit “Hips Don?t Lie”? Wyclef Jean, Usher, Dr Dre, Nelly
7 Which male popstar had a 2006 hit with “Run It!”? Nelly, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Usher
8 Which Michelle had a 2002 hit with “All You Wanted”? Michelle Leave, Michelle Root, Michelle Branch, Michelle Tree
9 Which month did Greenday want to be woken at the end of in 2005? November, December, September, May
10 Which Nickelback song reached No.7 in the US Billboard chart in 2004? Someway, Somewhere, Someday, Somehow
11 Which of the following is the correct name of the lead singer of Coldplay? Tony Martin, Jonny Martin, Chris Martin, David Martin
12 Which of the following is the correct title of a 2002 Mary J Blige hit? The Affair, Family Affair, Home Affair, Our Affair
13 Which of these featured on Chingys 2004 hit “One Call Away”? P. Weav, D. Weav, J. Weav, N. Weav
14 Which of these if the correct name for the singer who released “Lonely No More” in 2005? Thomas Rob, Rob Thomas, Robert Tom, Tom Roberts
15 Which of these is the correct title of a 2004 Evanescence hit? Immortal Being, We are Immortal, My Immortal, Immortal Heart
16 Which of these is the correct title of an Usher album? 1780, 8701, 1087, 7801
17 Which of these states featured in the title of a 2006 Red Hot Chilli Peppers song? California, Texas, Maine, Florida
18 Which of these the correct title of a 2004 LL Cool J hit? Headpsrung, Heelsprung, Kneesprung, Heartsprung
19 Which of these tracks was a 2004 No.1 for Usher? Fire, Flame, Burn, Heat
20 Which of these was a 2005 hit for Destinys Child? Fighter, Attacker, Soldier, Warrior