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1 Guildford Cathedral in Surrey, England, was one of the filming locations for which 1976 film?
2 In December 1993 Peter Boross became Prime Minister of which European country?
3 During which month in 1937 was the Golden Gate Bridge in California officially opened?
4 What type of creature is a potoo?
5 Relating to holiday companies, what does ATOL stand for?
6 A group of which birds is known as a Murmuration?
7 Time Warp and Dammit Janet are songs from which 1975 musical film?
8 Which late London strip-club owner was born Geoffrey Quinn in 1925?
9 What was the first name of Birdseye, who is considered to be the founder of the frozen food industry?
10 the famous children’s story which creatures did the Pied Piper of Hamelin rid the town of?
11 Barry is a variety of which fruit?
12 Which English cricketer was known as ‘Fiery Fred’?
13 Late singer Michael Jackson was burned during the filming of a commercial in 1984 for which brand of soft drink?
14 On February 10th 1996 what was the name of the computer which became the first machine to win a chess game against a reigning world champion under regular time controls?
15 Prairie Wolf is another name for which animal?
16 James Gordon, Sarah Essen and Crispus Allen are all characters in which US television crime series?
17 Which bird is depicted on the bottle of Gloria Vanderbilt eau de toilette?
18 In the US state of California which word precedes the names of the towns of Monica, Rosa and Barbara?
19 Which sports label has fragrances called Fizzy Energy, Happy Game and Fruity Rhythm?
20 Businesswoman Wendi Deng divorced which media mogul in 2013?