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1 A ‘classical’ guitar is popularly referred to as what nationality?
2 Who sang with James Taylor on hits Mockingbird and How Sweet It Is?
3 At which ‘Field’ was Richard III’s final battle?
4 Name the USSR world-beating 1959-76 Moon program/craft?
5 What was S Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City called before 1976?
6 The moss Sphagnum produces what traditional ancient fuel?
7 The Mossbauer effect refers to which sort of radiation?
8 The mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia, and its berry is called what?
9 Which country originated the motor scooter?
10 A mouflon is a Coriscan wild species of what domesticated creature?
11 The nymph Daphne became a laurel tree escaping which Greek god?
12 Rene Descartes’ quote ‘Cogito ergo sum’ means what in English?
13 Crown Derby is what sort of antique?
14 The removal of salt from brine to produce fresh water is commonly named what?
15 What was the German WWII air force called?
16 To what colour is the human eye most sensitive?
17 St Moritz in Switzerland has what famous Bobsled track?
18 What marten, Martes zibellina, was a prized fur and erroneously a fine paintbrush?
19 What orange black and white creature is Vanessa cardui?
20 Spell the human lung condition: Pluracy; Pleuracy; Pleurisy; or Plurisy?