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1 Hals is German for which part of the body?
2 Lester and Carolyn Burnham are characters in which 1999 film?
3 What is the width of a full size regulation snooker table in feet?
4 The majority of the Amazon Rainforest is contained within which country?
5 A shearwater is what type of creature?
6 What is the name of the US electric car manufacturer, founded in 2003, whose cars include the Model S and the Model X?
7 The English city of Sheffield lies on which river?
8 Which Chinese dish is traditionally used in a St Paul Sandwich, which originated in a Chinese restaurant in Missouri?
9 Who conducted interviews lying on a bed in the UK television show ‘The Big Breakfast’?
10 What is the capital of Kuwait?
11 Galanthus nivalis is the Latin Name for which garden flower?
12 People born on April 17th have which sign of the Zodiac?
13 Which European capital city lies on the River Vistula?
14 Gevrik cheese is produced in which English county?
15 ‘Balls of ‘what’ is a UK television comedy series hosted by Mark Dolan?
16 Siderodromophobia is the irrational fear of which mode of transport?
17 Who was US President during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
18 A titi is what type of animal?
19 Pieter, Griet, Maria Thins and Cornelia Vermeer are all characters in which 2008 play?
20 Which explosive was nicknamed ‘The Devil’s Porridge’ by author Arthur Conan Doyle?