1 ‘Songs My Mother Taught Me’ is a 1995 autobiography by which US actor? Marlon Brando
2 Bati beer is brewed in which African country? Ethiopia
3 In the George Orwell novel ‘Animal Farm’, who is the owner of Pinchfield Farm? Mr Frederick
4 The Golden Cage is an annual award given to the best goalkeeper in football in which European country? Denmark
5 What is the capital of US state Minnesota? Saint Paul
6 A ‘Hutchinson’ is what type of container? Bottle
7 What is the first name of US actor and film director Spike Lee? Shelton
8 Lappi is what type of foodstuff? Cheese
9 In which decade in the 1900’s did Edmond Hillary reach the summit of Mount Everest? 1950’s (1953)
10 June 1998 saw the Centennial Celebration of Independence of The Philippines from which European country? Spain
11 Aamisepa Varajane is a variety of which vegetable? Potato
12 Which British monarch donated the King’s Cup for the Cowes Week Race? King George IV
13 Which country is bordered by the Gaza Strip, Israel, Libya and Sudan? Egypt
14 A bergamot is known as what type of fruit? Orange
15 What is the name of the family’s pet goldfish in the US television cartoon series ‘American Dad’? Klaus Heissler
16 MP Dennis Skinner is a member of which British political party? Labour Party
17 In humans, citguatera is an illness caused by eating contaminated what? Fish
18 Which US aviator, inventor and explorer was nicknamed ‘Lucky Lindy’? Charles Lindbergh
19 In the UK children’s television series ‘Button Moon’, on which planet does Mr Spoon and his family live? Junk Planet
20 Which is the only planet in our solar system to have water in three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas? Earth