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1 In October 1992, which baseball team became the first non-USA team to win the World Series?
2 In 1932, who was the only Premier of an Australian state (New South Wales) to have been dismissed from his post by the state governor?
3 The fictional television character Lady Penelope, who appeared in ‘Thunderbirds’, was created and voiced by who in the original series?
4 What was the name of the first permanent English settlement in North America?
5 Which element is contained in the molecules of organic compounds?
6 Kwaito is a music genre which originated in which country?
7 Who won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championship in 2013?
8 Who wrote the 1851 novel ‘Moby Dick’?
9 What type of creature did Daisy Morris, a nine year old from the Isle of Wight, have named after her in 2013?
10 Singer Cornell Iral Haynes Jr is better known by what name?
11 The 1986 autobiography ‘Going Solo’ is by which British author?
12 In food, E330 is better known by what name?
13 What is the name of the moaning ghost in the Harry Potter novels?
14 Blue Gloss is a variety of which vegetable?
15 Which is the only county in England that is a duchy?
16 Who is the husband of actress/clinical psychologist Pamela Stephenson?
17 A silverback is what type of animal?
18 In the George Orwell novel ‘Animal Farm’ who is the owner of Foxwood Farm?
19 Songwriter/manager/producer Stig Anderson was often known as the fifth member of which group?
20 Guy Fawkes night is celebrated during which month of the year?