1 In the 1977 song by Elvis Costello, what colour shoes do the angels want to wear? Red
2 Bad Finger, King Krule and the Dave Matthews Band all released a song about which colour Baby? Blue
3 Amy Winehouse had a 2006 hit single with ‘Back to ‘what’? Black
4 What colour is the Big Taxi in the 1970 Joni Mitchell song? Yellow
5 What colour are the Fields in the 1993 single by Sting? Gold
6 What colour is the title of a song on the album ‘Sonik Kicks’ by Paul Weller? Green
7 What colour is the Cortina in a 1978 single by The Tom Robinson Band? Grey
8 What is the title of a 1968 hit single by The Scaffold which is a modernisation of an older folk song called The Ballad of Lydia Pinkham’? Lily the Pink
9 In a 1964 single by The Rolling Stones what type of bird was Little and Red? Rooster
10 In a 1970 song by The Doors what day of the week is Blue? Sunday
11 What was White in a 1982 single by Nazareth? Bicycle
12 What colour is the Haze in a 1967 single by Jimi Hendrix? Purple
13 What colour Lipstick is the title of a song on the album ‘Talk the Talk’ by Rihanna? Red
14 Who had a 1972 hit single with ‘Song Sung Blue’? Neil Diamond
15 The song ‘White Dress’ by Kanye West is from which 2012 martial arts film? The Man With the Iron Fists
16 Which singer released a 2013 song called ‘Yellow Raincoat’, which is supposedly about his former girlfriend Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber
17 What colour is the Crush, a song from the 1988 album ‘Green’ by REM? Orange
18 What colour eyes does the Handsome Man have in a 1957 song by Chuck Berry? Brown
19 The song ‘Scarlet’ is from which 1981 album by U2? October
20 Who was holding a Silver Hammer in the 1969 song from the Abbey Road Album by The Beatles? Maxwell