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1 In the 1977 song by Elvis Costello, what colour shoes do the angels want to wear?
2 Bad Finger, King Krule and the Dave Matthews Band all released a song about which colour Baby?
3 Amy Winehouse had a 2006 hit single with ‘Back to ‘what’?
4 What colour is the Big Taxi in the 1970 Joni Mitchell song?
5 What colour are the Fields in the 1993 single by Sting?
6 What colour is the title of a song on the album ‘Sonik Kicks’ by Paul Weller?
7 What colour is the Cortina in a 1978 single by The Tom Robinson Band?
8 What is the title of a 1968 hit single by The Scaffold which is a modernisation of an older folk song called The Ballad of Lydia Pinkham’?
9 In a 1964 single by The Rolling Stones what type of bird was Little and Red?
10 In a 1970 song by The Doors what day of the week is Blue?
11 What was White in a 1982 single by Nazareth?
12 What colour is the Haze in a 1967 single by Jimi Hendrix?
13 What colour Lipstick is the title of a song on the album ‘Talk the Talk’ by Rihanna?
14 Who had a 1972 hit single with ‘Song Sung Blue’?
15 The song ‘White Dress’ by Kanye West is from which 2012 martial arts film?
16 Which singer released a 2013 song called ‘Yellow Raincoat’, which is supposedly about his former girlfriend Selena Gomez?
17 What colour is the Crush, a song from the 1988 album ‘Green’ by REM?
18 What colour eyes does the Handsome Man have in a 1957 song by Chuck Berry?
19 The song ‘Scarlet’ is from which 1981 album by U2?
20 Who was holding a Silver Hammer in the 1969 song from the Abbey Road Album by The Beatles?