1 According to the Bible, which part of Goliath’s body did David cut off? Head
2 Which former Coronation Street actress was born Shirley Anne Broadbent? Amanda Barrie
3 Alexandra of Denmark was the wife of which British monarch? King Edward VII
4 What is the name of the oblong metal ring with a spring clip, used in mountaineering to attach a running rope to a piton or similar device? Carabiner
5 During which year did a man last walk on the moon? 1972
6 Which country won the 2013 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup? Australia
7 ‘Boker tov’ is Hebrew for what? Good morning
8 Which is the largest island of England? Isle of Wight
9 Which English dramatist wrote ‘The Relapse, or, Virtue in Danger’ in 1696 Sir John Vanbrugh
10 What part of the body does the term ‘Five o’clock shadow’ traditionally refer to? Face
11 Who was elected US President in November 2012? Barack Obama
12 Who wrote the 1925 novel ‘The Great Gatsby’? F Scott Fitzgerald
13 Dr Tom Parry Jones, who died in January 2013, developed and marketed which ‘road safety’ device in 1967? Electronic Breathalyser
14 Basildon and Harlow are towns in which English county? Essex
15 ‘Satis’ is the name of the house in which Charles Dickens novel? Great Expectations
16 Which British cartoon strip character is known as Willi Wacker in Germany? Andy Capp
17 The first inauguration of which US President took place aboard a plane? Lyndon B Johnson
18 In Norse mythology who is known as ‘The Trickster God’? Loki
19 Susanna Hall was the eldest daughter of which English playwright? William Shakespeare
20 Bonham’s, Christies, Forbes and Fellows are are what type of business? Auctioneers