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1 Which late US actor was born Bernard Schwartz in 1925?
2 What is the southernmost capital city in the world?
3 The 1999 autobiography ‘Still Me’ is by which late US actor?
4 General Benedict Arnold switched allegiance to the British side during which war?
5 Madison Square Garden in New York City opened during which decade of the 20th Century?
6 The Commissioner’s Trophy is awarded annually for which sport?
7 ‘Thou shall not steal’ is which number in the list of the Ten Commandments?
8 Marble Arch in London was once the ceremonial entrance to which British palace?
9 To which British entertainer did songwriter/composer Lionel Bart sell the rights to the musical ‘Oliver!’ for a reputed 350 pounds sterling?
10 Who was the longest-serving Leader of the Opposition in British political history?
11 Campsa, New Holland and Repoil are bends on the Formula One Grand Prix circuit in which country?
12 How many gold medals did Britain win at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona?
13 Which US Apollo astronaut died on 25th August 2012?
14 Which UK television quiz show had the theme tune ‘Acka Raga’, performed by John Meyer on the sitar?
15 Edith Cresson became the first female Prime Minister of which European country?
16 In medicine what does Rx stand for?
17 Which words are inscribed on the US Purple Heart medal?
18 In which European country is the 1983 film ‘Local Hero’ set?
19 Aghios Nikolaos is a fishing port and holiday resort on which Greek island?
20 What is the name of the UK investment banking company which collapsed after Broker Nick Leeson lost 1.3 billion dollars on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1995?