1 Aimee, Kelly and Jack are children of which British singer? Ozzy Obourne
2 What colour ink was traditionally used by Roman emperors to sign important documents? Purple
3 A decennial event occurs every how many years? Ten
4 Stinking Bishop is a variety of which fruit? Pear
5 In which Agatha Christie novel does Hercule Poirot commit murder? Curtain
6 A group of which birds is known as an Unkindness? Ravens
7 Janet Weiss, Brad Majors and Magenta are all characters from which 1975 musical film? The Rocky Horror Picture Show
8 In cooking, Rindfleisch is German for which type of meat? Beef
9 What is the first name of Ragnor’s brother in the historical drama television series ‘Vikings’? Rollo
10 Filbert Fox is the mascot of which English football club? Leicester City FC
11 Which US state is known as the Bay State? Massachusetts
12 Soceraphobia is the irrational fear of which members of the family? Parents-in-law
13 ‘You’re doing fine’ is the call for which Bingo number? 29
14 In which month in 1990 was Nelson Mandela released from prison in South Africa? February
15 Which is the third planet from the Sun? Earth
16 The song ‘Tea For Two’ is from which 1925 musical? No, No, Nanette
17 Who played Jodie Foster’s lawyer, Kathryn Murphy, in the 1988 film ‘The Accused’? Kelly McGillis
18 Which creature represents the Deadly Sin of Avarice? Toad
19 Photographer Ansel Adams was famous for his photographs of what? Landscapes
20 Which vegetable is traditionally the main ingredient in a Spanish omelette? Potato