1 In the Shakespeare play ‘Hamlet’ the skull of which character is held by Hamlet? Yorick
2 Who did the late Princess Diana famously dance with on stage at the Royal Opera House in London in 1985? Wayne Sleep
3 Which English actor is the oldest man to have trekked to the North Magnetic Pole on foot? Brian Blessed
4 The residents of which German town put on a world-famous Passion Play every ten years? Oberammergau
5 Which US singer/actress produced the Broadway production of ‘Priscilla Queen of the Dessert’? Bette Midler
6 The designer of the Sydney Opera house was born in which European country? Denmark (Jorn Utzon)
7 Which US President had a cloakroom converted into a movie theatre in the White House? Franklin D Roosevelt
8 The Pomegranate Theatre is in which English town? Chesterfield
9 Which English playwright was the first person to use the word ‘bloody’ over the air at the BBC in his song ‘Let’s Not Be Beastly to the Germans’? Noel Coward
10 Which actress, while dressed as the queen, left the Guilgud Theatre in London to shout at drummers outside who were disturbing the play? Helen Mirren
11 Playwright Alan Bennett taught medieval history at which university? Oxford University
12 Which Cole Porter play won the first Tony Award for best musical in 1949? Kiss Me Kate
13 The song ‘Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher’ is from which British stage musical? Billy Elliot
14 On his deathbed, which playwright was quoted as saying ‘My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One of us has got to go’? Oscar Wilde
15 Before he became pope, which Pope wrote a play called ‘The Jeweller’s Shop’? Pope John Paul II
16 Which stage musical was forced to close in 1973 when the roof of the Shaftesbury Theatre in London collapsed? Hair
17 Which Irish playwright was the co-founder of the London School of Economics? George Bernard Shaw
18 Who are Vladimir and Estragon waiting for in a 1950’s play by Samuel Beckett? Godot
19 Which British theatre hosted the 2013 Royal Variety Performance? London Palladium
20 Which French cabaret theatre has a windmill on its roof? Moulin Rouge