1 In 2009, which UK television presenter was appointed Chief Scout, at the age of 35, by the Scout Association? Bear Grylls
2 Which British city is known as the ‘City of Arcades’? Cardiff
3 In cooking, what is the term for plunging vegetables into boiling water for a short time, and then plunging them into cold water until they are cold? Blanching
4 Lythari, Avariel, Drow and Snow are all types of which mythical creature? Elf
5 In many Spanish-speaking countries which day of the week is considered unlucky if it falls on the 13th of the month? Tuesday
6 Which US actor and comedian is the voice of Bernard in the 1977 Disney film ‘The Rescuers’? Bob Newhart
7 Dementophobia is the irrational fear of what? Insanity
8 What was the nickname of the legendary 17th Century highwaywoman Katherine Ferrers? The Wicked Lady
9 The 1998 autobiography ‘The Devil Rides Out’ is by which UK comedian and television presenter? Paul O’Grady
10 Which English county is known as ‘God’s Own County’? Yorkshire
11 Which English singer/songwriter, born in 1950, was labelled ‘Looney de Small’ by the late Spike Milligan because of her sharp sense of humour? Lynsey de Paul
12 What is the first name of South African-born England cricketer Jonathan Trott? Ian
13 What was the only UK number one hit single for rock band Foreigner? I Want To Know What Love Is
14 What colour is powdered sulphur? Yellow
15 In 2013 which British politician was challenged to fulfil his claim that he could live on 53 pounds sterling a week? Ian Duncan Smith
16 What is the name of the perfume launched by British boyband JLS in January 2013? Love
17 Tobomory is the capital of which Scottish island? Isle of Mull
18 Who is the lead singer of British rock band the Stone Roses? Ian Brown
19 What were the first names of US television cartoonists Hanna and Barbera? William and Joseph
20 Which US television drama series is based on chemistry teacher Walter White, who turns to making and selling crystal meth after finding out he has lung cancer? Breaking Bad