1 Which fictional cartoon character, and leader of a gang, lives in Hoagy’s Alley? Top Cat
2 What is the title of the first feature film in which Tom Hanks appeared with Meg Ryan? Joe Versus the Volcano
3 The Euroscar European Player of the Year Award is awarded for which sport? Basketball
4 Which musician and businessman embarked on a national tour of schools in the UK in 2013 in a bid to inspire pupils to cook? Levi Roots
5 In January 1968 who was chosen as leader of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia? Alexander Dubcek
6 The title of the 1987 film ‘The Lost Boys’ was borrowed from which novel? Peter Pan
7 Ewart was the middle name of which British Prime Minister? William Gladstone
8 In the Jewish calendar, Sivan is which month of the religious year? Third
9 A Medusa is what type of marine creature? Jellyfish
10 British MP Edwina Currie wrote the novel ‘Chasing ‘what’? Men
11 In which direction can a bishop move on the board during a game of chess? Diagonally
12 Which British monarch was the first of the House of Windsor? King George V
13 In mobile phone use, what is ‘app’ short for? Application
14 In the UK television game show ‘Tipping Point’ how many counters does each contestant have at the start of the game? Three
15 What is the first name of inventor Dyson, who invented his own brand of vacuum cleaner? James
16 The Sir Trevor Brooking Stand is in which London football club? West Ham United FC
17 What is the title of the 1996 film in which George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer play single parents Alex and Mae? One Fine Day
18 What is the minimum age a person can legally get married in the US state of Oregon? 17 years
19 In October 1990 who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to lessen Cold War tensions and reform his nation? Mikhail Gorbachev
20 Who was the first Manchester United FC captain from outside the UK or the Republic of Ireland? Eric Cantona