1 In which country was the historical television drama series ‘Vikings’ filmed? Ireland
2 England and Surrey cricketing twins Alec and Eric had what surname? Bedser
3 Which cartoon Colonel was created by Sir David Law? Colonel Blimp
4 Bosworth cheese comes from which English county? Staffordshire
5 Brombeere is German for which fruit? Blackberry
6 The songs ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So’ and ‘Summertime’ are from which opera? Porgy and Bess
7 In the children’s television series ‘The Muppets’ what colour is Grover? Blue
8 Elite, Storm and Select are all names of which type of agency? Model Agency
9 A group of which birds is known as a ‘Watch’? Nightingales
10 The Heidelberg School was a 19th Century Impressionist art movement in which country? Australia
11 A Chiliad is a term for which number? One thousand
12 Great Slave Lake is in which country? Canada
13 In food, ‘E’ numbers 110 – 119 are which colour? Orange
14 What part of the body does an insect finally have to grow to become an imago? Wings
15 What is the most expensive property in the US version of the board game Monopoly? Boardwalk
16 Which Cornish castle is said to be the place of conception of legendary King Arthur? Tintagel Castle
17 Who directed the 1957 film ‘Bridge Over the River Kwai’? David Lean
18 Used by pilots, what does ADF stand for? Automatic Direction Finder
19 Which member of the British royal family was fired at with blank shots from a starting pistol in Sydney, Australia in January 1994? Prince Charles
20 Nashville is the state capital of which US state? Tennessee