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1 According to The Guinness Book of World Records the village of Bernotai in which country is the geographic centre of Europe?
2 As of January 2013, how many countries use the Euro as a common currency?
3 In which city is the Headquarters of the European Union?
4 Which ocean borders the west of Europe?
5 How many countries make up Europe?
6 What is the smallest country in Europe?
7 The tallest mountain in Europe is in which country?
8 What is the name of the ‘Checkpoint’ in Berlin which served as a symbol of the Iron Curtain?
9 Which year saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union?
10 Which country is bordered by Belarus in the north and Moldova in the south?
11 The Battle of Waterloo was fought in June 1815 in which modern-day country?
12 The 1957 Treaty of Rome established which organisation?
13 What is the second-longest mountain range in Europe?
14 Riga is the capital of which European country?
15 In which European country did the Industrial Revolution begin in the 18th Century?
16 What is the smallest capital city in the European Union?
17 Ned Madrell, who died in 1974, was the last surviving native speaker of which European language?
18 The oldest European cave is located in which country?
19 In 2010, Newsweek magazine ranked which European country as the overall ‘best country in the world’?
20 Wizz Air is a low-cost airline with headquarters in which European country?