1 Eleutherophobia is the irrational fear of what? Freedom
2 Which actress is the voice of Miss Bianca in the 1977 Disney film ‘The Rescuers’? Eva Gabor
3 What colour are the ‘G’s’ in the regular Google logo? Blue
4 Black Amish is a variety of which fruit? Apple
5 Which English city is known as ‘Rainy City’? Manchester
6 In 2011 who became the first Manchester United FC captain from Eastern Europe? Nemanja Vidic
7 In July 1991 who became the New Archbishop of Canterbury? George Carey
8 What is the minimum legal age a person can get married without parental consent in the US state of Nebraska? 19 years
9 The Postage Stamp is the shortest hole on which Scottish golf course? Royal Troon
10 What was the first name of the wife of English monarch Richard III? Anne
11 The port of Fishguard is in which country of the UK? Wales
12 ‘Graffiti on the ‘what’ is a 2013 album by the Stereophonics? Train
13 The daughter-in-law of which British politician became the first woman Prime Minister of Denmark in 2011? Neil Kinnock
14 Rabologists are collectors of what? Walking sticks
15 What was the first name of former England cricketer D’Olivera? Basil
16 Berger’s disease affects which part of the body? Kidneys
17 Famous for surfing, Fistral Beach is in which English county? Cornwall
18 In which decade of the 1900’s were women first admitted into the London Stock Exchange? 1970’s (1973)
19 Which retailer opened its first new UK store for over 300 years at St Pancras station in London in November 2013? Fortnum & Mason
20 Singer Dan Reynolds is the frontman for which US rock band? Imagine Dragons