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1 Alec Guinness played Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson in which 1957 World War II film?
2 ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways’ is the opening line of a work by which English poet?
3 A Slippery Dick is what type of creature?
4 Who was the first woman to top the UK singles chart with a song she had written herself?
5 Which goddess was the wife of Roman god Vulcan?
6 Lawrence Boythorn and John Jarndyce are characters in which Charles Dickens novel?
7 Argentum is Latin for which chemical element?
8 The English city of Peterborough stands on which river?
9 Chwefror is Welsh for which month of the year?
10 ‘The Way I Am’ is a 2008 autobiography by which US singer?
11 Columbus is the capital of which US state?
12 How is the year 1994 depicted in Roman Numerals?
13 How many Oscars did the 1962 film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ win?
14 What is a military officer called who acts as an administrative assistant to a more senior officer?
15 In which English city was Guy Fawkes, of Gunpowder Plot fame, born?
16 Figaro, Stromboli and Monstro are all characters in which Disney film?
17 What is the national animal of England?
18 In November 1997 Mary McAleese was elected 8th President of which European country?
19 Charlie Wax is a fictional secret agent in which 2010 film?
20 During which month of the year does the ceremony of ‘Swan Upping’ take place on the River Thames?