1 In medicine, coprastasophobia is the fear of what? Constipation
2 Who presented the original run of the UK television quiz show ‘Ask the Family’? Robert Robinson
3 Who became the first socialist Prime Minister of Greece in 1981? Andreas Papandreou
4 Who carried the flag for Britain at the opening ceremony at the 2012 Olympic Games? Chris Hoy
5 What was the first name of former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt? Anna
6 Lanix is the largest domestically owned manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics in which country? Mexico
7 In which year did children’s television show ‘Sesame Street’ debut on US television? 1969
8 Who won a Gold Medal for Britain in the men’s 100 metres at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona? Linford Christie
9 What type of animal is a lechwe? Antelope
10 What was the original state flower of US state Oklahoma? Mistletoe
11 US actor, producer and director Nicolas Coppola is better known by what name? Nicolas Cage
12 The Kladdkaka (or chocolate mud cake) originated in which country? Sweden
13 Pelo is Spanish for which part of the body? Hair
14 Who wrote, co-produced and directed the 2009 film ‘Avatar’? James Cameron
15 In March 2013, an English Heritage Blue Plaque was unveiled to commemorate which iconic design by Harry Beck on the 80th anniversary of its first public appearance? London Underground Map
16 A foehn is what type of weather condition? Wind
17 What relation to Peter the Great of Russia was Catherine I of Russia? Wife
18 Which Formula One Grand Prix Circuit has corners named Anthony Noghes and La Rascasse? Monaco
19 Folgate, Grosso, Fathead and Grappenhall are all varieties of which garden plant? Lavender
20 King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister are characters in which US television fantasy drama series? Game of Thrones