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1 In November 1994 who became the oldest heavyweight boxing champion in history by defeating Michael Moorer?
2 What is the US state capital of West Virginia?
3 ‘Lucky Man’ is a 2003 autobiography by which US actor?
4 A douroucouli is what type of animal?
5 Sabato is Italian for which day of the week?
6 The towns of Bishop’s Stortford and Berkhamsted are in which English county?
7 In a game of football, what does a.e.t stand for?
8 Fictional planets Aridan, Herbos and Zofeit featured in which children’s television series?
9 In March 1974 a picture of which US actress was on the cover of the first issue of ‘People’ magazine?
10 What is the first name of Scrooge’s former fiancee in the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens?
11 In which year did divorce become officially legal in the Republic of Ireland?
12 Who was the first woman tennis player to win all four Grand Slam tournaments in the same year?
13 Which English monarch was known as ‘Brandy Nan’?
14 What is the collective name for a group of woodpeckers?
15 John Wayne played Ethan Edwards, who sets out to find his abducted niece, in which classic 1956 western film?
16 Which British monarch introduced The George Cross?
17 A pyroclastic flow comes from which natural structure?
18 The 1992 Summer Olympic Games were hosted by which European country?
19 In January 1986 US politician Bill Nelson was aboard which space shuttle when he became the second sitting member of the United States Congress to fly in space?
20 What are the first names of the characters played by Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayall in the UK television comedy series ‘Bottom’?