1 What did the UK department store BHS stand for? British Home Stores
2 Which English county was represented by the ‘Nine children of honour’ at the coronation of King Henry VIII? Cornwall
3 In humans, Daltonism is better known by what name? Colour blindness
4 In which 1956 film did actress Gina Lollobrigida make her debut in American films? Trapeze
5 ‘The Black and Gold’ is a nickname of which American football team? Pittsburgh Steelers
6 Airedale cheese comes from which country? New Zealand
7 In 1985 the Fayed brothers purchased which London-based department store? Harrods
8 A puli is what type of animal? Dog
9 Who became US President in 1913? Woodrow Wilson
10 Who plays Detective Inspector Dave Creegan in the UK television series ‘Touching Evil’? Robson Green
11 Secret Island, a former gunpowder mill, is situated in which English county? Essex
12 Singer Dan Reynolds is the frontman of US band ‘Imagine’ what’? Dragons
13 Mary Lennox, Colin and Dickon are all characters in which children’s novel? The Secret Garden
14 ‘International ‘what’ is the official colour of the paint on the Golden Gate Bridge in California? Orange
15 In surveys, what does MORI stand for? Market & Opinion Research International
16 In the game of chess which move is also known as ‘Fool’s Mate’? Two-move checkmate
17 Pied is French for which part of the body? Foot
18 Blinker, Fountain, Rocket and Cake are all types of what? Fireworks
19 During which month of 1963 was US President John F Kennedy assassinated? November
20 Which US Major League baseball player is nicknamed ‘A-Rod’? Alexander Rodriguez