1 The rock musical ‘Rent’ is based on which opera by Giacomo Puccini? La boheme
2 US comedian, singer and actress Fania Borach, born in October 1891, was better known by what name? Fanny Brice
3 Rosy, Goose Foot and Northern are all types of which marine creature? Starfish
4 Who won the 1976 UK Pipe Smoker of the Year Award, and was Pipeman of the Decade? Harold Wilson
5 Messer is German for which item of cutlery? Knife
6 In 1862, English explorer John Hanning Speke discovered the source of the Nile in which lake? Lake Victoria
7 Who was the President of Costa Rica between 2006 and 2010? Oscar Arias
8 What type of creature is a danio? Fish
9 Which salty meat extract was created in the 1870’s by Scottish butcher John Lawson Johnston? Bovril
10 Blue Castello cheese is made in which country? Denmark
11 In the novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, what was left of the Cheshire cat after the rest of it had disappeared? Its grin/smile
12 Former US President Jimmy Carter belonged to which political party? Democratic Party
13 In January 1973, who defeated Joe Frazier to win the Heavyweight World Boxing Championship? George Foreman
14 St Cyril had which script/alphabet named after him? Cyrillic
15 The Royal Albert Hall in London is name after the consort of which monarch? Queen Victoria
16 Which English city is known as ‘The Lace City’? Nottingham
17 Who is the longest-serving captain in the history of Manchester United FC? Bryan Robson
18 What is the minimum legal age for a female to marry in Kuwait? 15 years
19 In which US state was actress Nicole Kidman born? Hawaii
20 In 1976 Dave Wagstaffe was playing for which team when he became the first football player in England to receive a red card? Blackburn Rovers