1 In which English city was singer Robbie Williams born in February 1974? Stoke-on-Trent
2 ‘Through Thick and Thin’ is a 2011 autobiography by which UK television presenter? Gok Wan
3 In March 1977, India’s Missionaries of Charity chose Sister Nirmala to succeed who as its leader? Mother Teresa
4 Who was US Secretary of State between 1997 and 2001? Madeleine Albright
5 What is the first name of the Parkinson’s cleaner in the UK television series ‘Butterflies’? Ruby
6 Thailand is divided into how many provinces? 76
7 The sphenoid bone is situated in which part of the body? Skull/cranium
8 Which is the only insect that can turn its head 360 degrees? Praying mantis
9 Who was the longest serving BBC Radio One Breakfast Show presenter? Chris Moyles
10 A surcingle is a belt or girth used on which animal? Horse
11 Bada, Bing, Lambert and Tartarian are all varieties of which fruit? Cherry
12 How high, in metres, is the London Eye? 135 metres
13 Which playing card is known as ‘The Devil’s Bedpost’? Four of Clubs
14 What is the name of the Towers in which Doctor Who villain Kroagnon (The Great Architect) existed as a disembodied intelligence stored in a tank? Paradise Towers
15 What is the surname of Norm in the US television series ‘Cheers’? Peterson
16 Mole Valley is in which English county? Surrey
17 Dishabiliophobia is a strong aversion to doing what in front of other people? Undressing
18 Who wrote the 1977 novel ‘The Thorn Birds’? Colleen McCullough
19 The martial art vovinam originated in which country? Vietnam
20 Agnus Dei is a figure of which creature as an emblem of Christ? Lamb