1 In the 2011 film , Captain America is ‘The First ‘what’? Avenger
2 The city of Budapest occupies both banks of which river? River Danube
3 Chim Chim Cheree, I Love to Laugh and Feed the Birds are all songs from which film? Mary Poppins
4 Hellophobia is the fear of which country and its culture? Greece
5 Who was the last UK Labour Prime Minister before Tony Blair? James Callaghan
6 11, Mafeking Parade is the address of the two main characters in which British television comedy series? Bottom
7 A group of which birds is known as a ‘Tidings’? Magpies
8 Which former World Darts Champion is known by the nickname ‘The Limestone Cowboy’? Bob Anderson
9 Who became President of Russia in June 1991? Boris Yeltsin
10 Extinct volcano Hallasan is the highest point in which Asian country? South Korea
11 The 1992 Summer Olympic Games were hosted by which European city? Barcelona
12 Operation Felix was the codename for a proposed German invasion of which British Overseas Territory during World War II? Gibraltar
13 In the US animated television show ‘The Simpsons’ which actress voiced Maggie’s first word, which was ‘Daddy’? Elizabeth Taylor
14 Which British monarch founded The Order of Merit? King Edward VII
15 What is the name of the boy in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’? Mowgli
16 What is the first name of the first great-grandchild of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II? Savannah
17 Who was the first female US Attorney General? Janet Reno
18 Who directed the 2001 remake of the film ‘Planet of the Apes’? Tim Burton
19 In 2012, who became the first German driver, since Hermann Lang in 1939, to win a Formula One Grand Prix in a German car? Nico Rosberg
20 On 1st April 1977, bookseller Richard Booth declared which Welsh town to be an independent kingdom, with himself as monarch? Hay-on Wye