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1 The RAF flew 1 million Euros from the UK to which country in March 2013, as a contingency measure ‘to provide military personnel with loans’?
2 In January 2013, the London Underground rail system celebrated which anniversary?
3 Which Oscar-winning director staged the West End musical ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, which opened in London in June 2013?
4 Which Greek goddess featured on the new five-euro banknote in 2013?
7 Which French city was was the 2013 European Capital of Culture?
8 Who was announced as the new television Doctor Who in July 2013?
9 Which British footballer signed a 5 month contract with Paris St-Germain in January 2013, donating his salary to charity?
10 Which creature represented the year 2013 in the Chinese calendar?
11 Who won the 2013 Tour de France?
12 In 2013, Japanese scientists cloned what type of creature from a single drop of blood?
13 Who officially replaced Sir Mervyn King as governor of the Bank of England in June 2013?
14 How old was British monarch Queen Elizabeth II on her birthday in April 2013?
15 Which actor, who played Tony Soprano on the US television series ‘The Sopranos’, died in June 2013?
16 Which band closed the 2013 Glastonbury Festival?
17 Who won the 2013 British Open Golf Championship?
18 What is written on the sign on the mural by graffiti artist Banksy that was cut out of a wall in Tottenham, London in July 2013?
19 In July 2013, the Archbishop of Canterbury said he was ’embarrassed and irritated’ that the Church of England invested indirectly in which online company?
20 In August 2013, scientists in Florence, Italy opened a tomb in order to extract DNA, hoping to identify the model for which painting?