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1 Painter and engraver Sir Edwin Henry Landseer was a favourite artist of which British monarch?
2 A picture of which British singer was on the front cover of the first edition of teen magazine ‘Jackie’ in January 1964?
3 Which was the first national football team to beat England after they won the 1966 World Cup?
4 Double Dutch, Double Unders and Dipsy Doodles are all term used in which activity?
5 Anthony Stark is the real name of which fictional superhero?
6 Retailer Fortnum and Mason opened its first new UK store for more than 300 years at which London station in November 2013?
7 Hester Prynnne is the main character in which novel by US author Nathaniel Hawthorne?
8 The Paragons originally recorded which 1980 hit single by Blondie?
9 James Monroe became President of which country in March 1817?
10 Which British singer released a 2011 album entitled ’21’?
11 Paul Ford played Colonel John T Hall in which 1950’s US television series?
12 What is the title of the Band Aid charity single, released in December 1984?
13 The 1908 Summer Olympic Games were hosted by which European city?
14 The Goya Gate is located at which European museum?
15 Arkansas Black is a variety of which fruit?
16 Which American soccer team is known as the ‘Quakes’?
17 Who was the only US President not to live at the Whitehouse?
18 What was the first name of 19th Century British explorer Stanley, who searched for David Livingstone in Africa?
19 Doris Day plays which 1920’s and 30’s singer and actress in the 1955 film ‘Love Me or Leave Me’?
20 The Shah Jahan Mosque, the first purpose-built mosque in England, is in which county?