1 In 1961, who became the first non- American golfer to win The Masters? Gary Player
2 ‘It’s what your right arm’s for’ was an advertising slogan for which beer? Courage
3 King Richard, Varna and Otina are varieties of which vegetable? Leek
4 What is the name of the police car in the children’s television series ‘Roary the Racing Car’? Nick
5 In the animal kingdom, artiodactyls have an even number of what? Toes
6 The Formula One Sepang International Circuit is in which country? Malaysia
7 US outlaws Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Longabaugh were better known by what names? Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
8 The Lansdowne Cup is competed for in rugby union by which two countries? Australia and Ireland
9 Online social networking website Facebook was founded in 2004 in which US state? Massachusetts
10 ‘Elmo’s World’ was a segment of which children’s television show? Sesame Street
11 What is the name of the floating mass of vegetation that often obstructs navigation in tropical rivers? Sudd
12 Which planet is closest to Earth? Venus
13 On a standard dartboard, which number lies opposite 15? 9
14 In November 1983, 26 million pounds worth of gold, diamonds and cash were stolen from the Brinks-MAT warehouse at which British airport? Heathrow Airport
15 National Flag Day is celebrated in Estonia during which month of the year? June
16 Which English snooker player is nicknamed ‘The Whirlwind’? Jimmy White
17 What type of creature is an ani? Bird
18 What is the name of the tiger in the 2001 novel ‘Life of Pi’? Richard Parker
19 Poignet is French for which part of the body? Wrist
20 In botany, the calyx form which part of a plant? Flower