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1 Mirko Cvetkovic became Prime Minister of which country in July 2008?
2 Catherine of Braganza, wife of English monarch Charles II, was said to have introduced which cutlery item to the dining tables of England?
3 ID is the abbreviation of which US state?
4 In April 1980, the St Pauls Riot broke out in which English city?
5 Which newspaper has won the most Pulitzer Prizes for journalism?
6 Which US singer and actress was the first woman to win FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World award twice in a row?
7 What is a female pony called?
8 Who became British Prime Minister in October 1951?
9 In which country is Lake Ladoga?
10 Stargazy pie has what poking upwards out of the crust?
11 What is the name of the target in a game of curling?
12 Haphephobia is the irrational fear of having what done to you?
13 What is the name of the matron of the workhouse where Oliver is born in the Charles Dickens novel ‘Oliver Twist’?
14 Bump, Double Turn, Potato and Tap Out are all terms used in which sport?
15 What is traditionally mixed with wine to make a spritzer?
16 Who was the last English king to be killed in battle?
17 Launched from Cape Kennedy in March 1972, what was the name of the first man-made satellite to leave the solar system?
18 What is the name of the character played by actor Neil Burgess in the television commercial for cleaning product Cillit Bang?
19 Ophthalmitis is the inflammation of which part of the body?
20 Which English author wrote of the city of Canterbury ‘There is no lovelier place in the world…….and I have seen Venice too’?