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1 Coney Island is situated in which Borough of New York City?
2 Which actress played Jean Hope in the UK television series ‘Emmerdale’ in 2006?
3 In humans, edentulism is the complete loss of what?
4 At the age of 86, which US actor married 40 year old make up artist Arlene Silver in 2012?
5 Late businessman and British politician Jan Ludvik Hoch was better known by what name?
6 Madaraka Day is celebrated in June to commemorate the attaining of self-rule of which African country in 1963?
7 Who set a new land speed record in October 1983, driving Thrust 2 at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA?
8 On a standard dartboard, which number lies opposite 1?
9 The comet Shoemaker broke apart and collided with which planet in our solar system in July 1994?
10 The Sucre was the currency of which South American country between 1884 and 2000?
11 The valet costume worn by Django in the 2012 film ‘Django Unchained’ was inspired by which painting by Thomas Gainsborogh?
12 How many players in each team enter the field at the beginning of a game of the South Asian tag sport Kho Kho?
13 The Hopman Cup is competed for in which sport?
14 Who plays Auntie Angela in the UK television comedy series ‘Outnumbered’?
15 Pouhon, Kemmel Straight and Blanchimont are all sections of the Formula One Grand Prix circuit in which country?
16 English monarch King Henry VIII was given which Palace when ‘owner’ Cardinal Thomas Wolsey fell out of favour with the king?
17 Which UK television presenter made his first tv appearance in an advertisement for Sure deodorant, featuring his ascent of Mount Everest?
18 Which British fashion designer once said ‘A woman is as young as her knees’?
19 What was the name of the last battleship built for the British Royal Navy, which ran aground in Portsmouth Harbour?
20 The destruction of the city of Sodom features in which book of the Bible?