1 What type of animal is a duiker? Antelope
2 Mercosur (or Mercosul) is an economic political agreement among which six South American countries? Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia
3 During which month of the year is the US Open Golf tournament held? June
4 In June 1970, which was the first band to perform rock music at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York? The Who
5 Late US jazz singer, born Eleanora Fagan, was better known by what name? Billie Holiday
6 Haneda Airport is in which Asian country? Japan
7 The Kingdom of Bahrain lies in which body of water? Persian Gulf
8 Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first President of which African country? Nigeria
9 Where in the human body is the ulna? Forearm
10 Established by US President Lyndon B Johnson, ‘The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy’ was unofficially known by what name? The Warren Commission
11 Mary Bohun and Joan of Navarre were the wives of which English monarch? Henry IV
12 If a person’s birthday falls on 1st November, what is their sign of the Zodiac? Scorpio
13 Which European capital city lies on the River Sava? Zagreb
14 Manchuria is a historical name for a large region of which continent? Asia
15 Roquefort cheese is made from the milk of which animal? Sheep
16 Used in mathematics, the US term ‘slipstick’ is better known as what in the UK Slide rule
17 The famous sculpture ‘Le Baiser’ is known by what name in English? The Kiss
18 In humans, the medical condition prepatellar bursitis affects which part of the body? Knee
19 The historical theme park Puy du Fou is in which European country? France
20 Which former world number one squash player won over 550 consecutive games before losing to Ross Norman in 1986? Jahingir Khan