1 What is the title of the third ‘Road’ film starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby? Road To Morocco
2 Which political figure was best man at the 1927 second wedding of Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi? Benito Mussolini
3 Marke Rutte became Prime Minister of which European country in 2010? Netherlands
4 The Recreation Ground, Kingsholm Stadium and the Memorial Ground are all English venues for which sport? Rugby Union
5 Dydd Gwener is Welsh for which day of the week? Friday
6 In the 18th Century, Russia led a coalition that defeated which country in the Great Northern War? Sweden
7 Which line on the London Underground rail system has the most stations? District Line
8 The bride and groom are known as Kallah and Chatan in which religion? Judaism
9 A previously unknown painting by which 17th Century artist was discovered on the BBC ‘Your Paintings’ website in March 2013? Anthony van Dyke
10 What are ‘Purple Badges’ awarded for on the children’s television show ‘Blue Peter’? Sending in a review of a Blue Peter epoisode
11 What is the title of director Ridley Scott’s first feature film, released in 1977? The Duellists
12 Who won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland? Dana
13 Which two British boxers were threatened with a life ban after brawling at a news conference in Munich in February 2012? Derek Chisora and David Haye
14 Pouce is French for which part of the body? Thumb
15 The community of Dull is in which US state? Ohio
16 In 2006, which 19th Century American novelist was finally reunited with his wife, Sophia, when her remains were taken from London to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Massachusetts, and buried with him? Nathaniel Hawthorne
17 Which football team won the English FA Cup in 1971? Arsenal FC
18 What does the Latin phrase ‘Fortes fortuna juvat’ translate to in English? Fortune favours the brave
19 French explorers Pierre and Paul Mallet were the first Europeans to ‘discover’ which range of North American mountains in 1739? Rocky Mountains
20 What is the title of fictional characters Wallace and Gromit’s first film? A Grand Day Out