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1 During which year did Switzerland become a full member of the United Nations?
2 Lois Maxwell played which part in the first 14 James Bond films?
3 On a standard dartboard, what number lies opposite 10?
4 Who was elected leader of the British Labour Party in October 1983?
5 Republic Day is celebrated in Malta during which month of the year?
6 Martial arts actor Lee Yuen Kam was better known by what name?
7 Who played Cardinal Wolsey in the 1971 film ‘Carry On Henry’?
8 Which former US President was said for a time to be an FBI informant with the code name T-10?
9 What type of creature is a discus?
10 The first Winter Youth Olympic Games were held in which European country in January 2012?
11 The medical condition dysphoria is a commonly known as what?
12 Which actor played the title role in the 1960’s UK television series ‘Adam Adamant’?
13 Yankee Stadium is located in which borough of New York City?
14 Which two singers had their microphones switched off after running over the time limit during a concert in London’s Hyde Park in July 2012?
15 Candlemas Day is celebrated during which month of the year?
16 Actress Sophia Loren married which film producer in 1966?
17 What does the ‘N’ stand for in NATO?
18 Mentha spicata is the Latin name for which garden herb?
19 Strangles is a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract of which animal?
20 ‘Ball tampering’ is an illegal activity associated with which sport?