1 US singer Steveland Hardaway Morris is better known by what name? Stevie Wonder
2 Who was the first British sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham Palace? Queen Victoria
3 Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in which Southern Hemisphere country? Australia
4 In the game of chess, ‘en passant’ involves which chess pieces? Pawns
5 What is the only city in the English county of Wiltshire? Salisbury
6 What does a plangonolist collect? Dolls
7 In the Hebrew calendar, Yom Chamishi corresponds with which day of the week? Thursday
8 ‘Have it your way’ was an advertising slogan for which fast-food outlet? Burger King
9 Bonnie Brae, Eureka and Ponderosa are all varieties of which fruit? Lemon
10 What is the name of the fictional motor racing circuit in the children’s television series ‘Roary the Racing Car’? Silver Hatch
11 The names of how many US states begin with the letter ‘L’? One
12 Spoon Curve, Casio Triangle and Dunlop Curve are all sections of the Formula One Grand Prix circuit in which country? Japan
13 What is the surname of US television courtroom show host Judge Judy? Sheindlin
14 Caviglia is Italian for which part of the body? Ankle
15 The Hillary Shield is competed for in rugby union by which two countries? New Zealand and England
16 Mintonette was the original name of which ball game? Volley ball
17 Who plays the role of Lieutenant Aldo Raine in the 2009 film ‘Inglorious Basterds’? Brad Pitt
18 Fictional superhero Batman is known as ‘The Caped ‘what’? Crusader
19 Succotash is a dish of mainly maize and usually what type of beans boiled together? Lima beans
20 Which are the only two planets in our solar system that have no moons? Mercury and Venus