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1 What is the surname of Dick and Jane in the 2005 film ‘Fun With Dick and Jane’, starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni?
2 In the nursery rhyme ‘Rub-a-Dub-Dub’, what are the occupations of the three men?
3 Who defeated Bobby Riggs in the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ tennis match in September 1973?
4 The songs ‘There is Nothing Like a Dame’ and ‘Happy Talk’ are from which musical?
5 Apart from the special stars, how many categories of stars are there embedded in the pavements on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
6 Luglio is Italian for which month of the year?
7 The One-Eyed Bagman is a story -teller in which novel by Charles Dickens?
8 What was the the last animated film personally supervised by Walt Disney and released in October 1967?
9 Which planet in our solar system has a year which is around 24 and a half Earth years?
10 How wide, in feet, is an NBA regulation basketball court?
11 Which colour represents Line 5 of the Paris Metro rail system?
12 How many siblings did English playwright William Shakespeare have?
13 Who is the English voice of Ernest Penfold in the television cartoon series ‘Danger Mouse’?
14 In humans, Iatromisia is an intense dislike for which profession?
15 Which American actor founded his own martial art style called Chun Kuk Do?
16 The Bronze statue of David by Donatello shows David holding what in his right hand?
17 What is the surname of Carrie in Steven King’s novel ‘Carrie’?
18 Which country was the first to have a woman elected Head of State?
19 VE (Victory in Europe) Day was celebrated in 1945 during which month of the year?
20 Battersea Power Station in London appears on the cover of which Pink Floyd album?