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1 ‘Broken Music’ is a 2005 autobiography by which English singer/songwriter?
2 The Golden Boll Film Festival takes place in which country?
3 ‘Candy Store’ is the call for which number in the game of Bingo?
4 Which late author became the step-grandmother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales in 1976?
5 According to the Bible, what are three theological virtues?
6 The late author and television personality Barbara Woodhouse was famous for training which animals?
7 In the Shakespeare play ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Titania is the Queen of the ‘what’?
8 What is the name of the saxophone player in the Muppet rock band, which appear on the television show ‘The Muppets’?
9 The headquarters of the Jyske Bank are in which European country?
10 What is the middle name of British television chef Jamie Oliver?
11 A group of which fish is known as an army?
12 English singer/songwriter Paloma Faith played Andrea in which 2007 film?
13 What is the first name of British footballer Wayne Rooney’s second child, born in May 2013?
14 Which television dramatist wrote the BBC television drama ‘The Black Stuff’ in 1978?
15 In athletics, the first recorded high jump event took place in which European country in the 19th Century?
16 What is the atomic number of Helium?
17 Who directed the 1969 film ‘Women In Love’, starring Oliver Reed and Alan Bates?
18 In the US, which three states share land borders with Michigan?
19 For which film did Audrey Hepburn win her only Oscar (Academy Award)?
20 Ranidaphobia is the irrational fear of which creatures?