1 Originating in the US, what is the filling in a MoonPie? Marshmallow
2 What was the first name of US distiller Jack Daniel, born September 1850? Jasper
3 Sural relates to which part of the body? Calf (leg)
4 Ataulfo, Haden, Francis and Keitt are all varieties of which fruit? Mango
5 What colour Onions was a 1962 instrumental hit single for Booker T & the Mgs? Green
6 ‘Squaddie’ is an informal term for which rank in the British Army? Private
7 Chrysophobia is the abnormal fear of which colour? Orange
8 ‘The Sea, The Sea’ is a 1978 novel by which author? Iris Murdoch
9 Who was the first husband of Catherine of Aragon, first wife of British monarch King Henry VIII? Arthur, Prince of Wales (Henry’s brother)
10 The head of the judiciary in England and Wales has which title? Lord Chancellor
11 ‘Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree’ is the debut album of which X Factor contestant? Diana Vickers
12 Which plant is known as the Pie Plant? Rhubarb
13 Which French field marshall and Emperor was known as ‘The Little Corporal’? Napoleon Bonaparte
14 The International Olympic Committee was founded in which year? 1894
15 Late Formula One racing drive Roland Ratzenberger was born in which country? Austria
16 Which British education minister established the 11 Plus exam in 1944? Rab Butler
17 Which Indian town, noted for its tea industry, is known as ‘The Queen of the Hills’? Darjeeling
18 What is the first name of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, who, in 1988, became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic Ski Jumping? Michael
19 Which European country is known as ‘The Boot’? Italy
20 Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice first worked together on which musical? The Likes of Us