1 Which English author wrote and edited the weekly periodical ‘Master Humphrey’s Clock’? Charles Dickens
2 Traditionally, ‘First Footing’ takes place in Britain on which date of the year? 1st January
3 Bodybuilder Angelo Siciliano was better known by what name? Charles Atlas
4 What is the only city in the English county of Kent? Canterbury
5 What is Cockney Rhyming Slang for the London Underground rail system? Oxo Cube (Tube)
6 A sublingual medicine is applied in which part of the body? Mouth
7 The French town of Bordeaux lies on which river? The Garonne River
8 The world’s oldest surviving bowling green, first used around 1299, is located in which English city? Southampton
9 In 1976, who was the first football player in England to receive a red card? David Wagstaffe
10 Which US President was nicknamed ‘Old Hickory’? Andrew Jackson
11 The US television series ‘Joey’ is a spin-off from which other television series? Friends
12 What is the world’s highest navigable lake? Lake Titicaca
13 In the UK children’s television series ‘Button Moon’, what is the name of Tina Tea-Spoon’s friend? Eggbert
14 What is the national animal of Romania? Lynx
15 ‘Before I Forget’ is a 1981 Autobiography by which English actor? James Mason
16 Amoretti are representations of which figure in works of art? Cupid
17 What is the name of the pet dog of fictional superhero Supermnan? Krypto
18 What is the title of the song which won the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest for Katrina and the Waves? Love Shine a Light
19 What is the highest number in the UK game of Bingo? 90
20 Which fruit is depicted on the top of the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champions Cup? Pineapple