1 Which US state has the most golf courses? Florida
2 What colour is the inner cross on the national flag of Iceland? Red
3 Eurotophobia is the abnormal fear of which part of the body? Vagina (Female genitalia)
4 At which cricket ground is the Marylebone Cricket Club based? Lord’s Cricket Ground, London
5 Mavis Cruet, Evil Edna and The Moog are all characters in which children’s cartoon television series? Willo the Wisp
6 In cosmetics, what does SPF stand for? Sun Protection Factor
7 What is the largest artery in the human body? Aorta
8 Which English monarch was the son of Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond? King Henry VII
9 Which tea blend is said to be named after a 19th Century British Prime Minister? Earl Grey
10 The Royal Thai Armed Forces Day is celebrated during which month of the year? January – 18th
11 Gingernut Ranger is a breed of which creature? Chicken
12 The ‘GoldenTriangle’ in Southeast Asia produces which illicit crop? Opium (poppy)
13 Who became Prime Minister of India in January 1966? Indira Gandhi
14 In which 1973 film did Jack Nicholson and Otis Young play two US naval petty officers who are assigned the task of accompanying a young sailor, played by Randy Quaid, to a naval prison? The Last Detail
15 Metol is a chemical compound used in which activity or hobby? Photography
16 What is the name of the Griffin’s sex-crazed airline pilot neighbour in the US television animated series ‘Family Guy’? Glenn Quagmire
17 The grave of poet and author Oscar Wilde is in which Paris cemetery? Pere Lachaise
18 Ornithogalum is the Latin name for which flowering plant? Star of Bethlehem
19 Which US golfer won the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998? Arnold Palmer
20 Gamba is Italian for which part of the body? Leg