1 Which army rank does actor Windsor Davies play in the UK television series ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’? Battery Sergeant Major
2 Stringhalt is a nervous disorder which affects the legs of which animal? Horse
3 What was the family name of the famous British aristocratic sisters Unity, Jessica, Nancy, Diana, Pamela and Deborah? Mitford
4 Tennis player Yannick Noah was born in which country? France
5 Which British comedian plays headmaster Mr Gilbert in the UK television series ‘The Inbetweeners’? Greg Davies
6 Who wrote the 19th Century ‘The Palliser’ series of novels? Anthony Trollope
7 In the UK television series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, what is Patsy’s surname? Stone
8 In the human body, sudorific relates to or causes what? Sweating
9 Barouche, Phaeton, Surrey and Curnicle are all types of what? Horse-drawn carriage
10 What was the first name of British fashion designer Ossie Clark? Raymond
11 How many crowned Tudor monarchs did England have? Five
12 Which modern-day country was once known as Zipangu? Japan
13 Which element is named after the Greek word for water-forming? Hydrogen
14 What is a male honey bee called? Drone
15 In business and finance, what term does SPQR stand for? Small Profit, Quick Return
16 What was the name of the Greek musician who rescued his wife Eurydice from the underworld, but lost her again when he turned back to look at her before they reached the upperworld? Orpheus
17 The city of New York was named after the brother of which English monarch? King Charles II
18 Who plays secret agent Charlie Wax in the 2010 film ‘From Paris With Love’? John Travolta
19 Who wrote the 19th Century book ‘Notes on Nursing. What It is and What It Is Not’? Florence Nightingale
20 The Scottish dish Kilted Sausages is sausages wrapped in what? Bacon